This is a list of suppliers and contacts I will be compiling as I complete projects in school and beyond.  I will always post websites when possible, if no website is available then I will post all other information, i.e. address, phone number, etc...

Schwartz Glass Supply Co. - 3410 E 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219-3816, (614)235-2381  These guys have all sorts of glass, they are a smaller operation that deals with window contractors on a regular basis.  The hours are 8-2 Monday through Friday, calling earlier is always better.

The Glassman - Basically any plate glass you might need, call for pricing, and they deliver.

Green Boat Stuff - Need specialty hardware?  Check this place out, they might have what your looking for at a decent price and orders above $150 have free shipping.

HIS Glassworks - Everything you could EVER possibly need for cold working glass.

Lowes - Ok, I know not the most dependable supplier, but if you need small quantities of items for projects or maquttes this is the place.  You can also special order any hardware they carry, it usually takes a week for it to come in, just make sure you take your receipt with you!

Hobbyland - For a real serious model/maqutte, then try these guys.  Styrene sheeting, tubing, glue, super glue, paint (spray cans & pots), brass tubing, model saws, etc... they also carry supplies for gluing, mixing cups and glue syringes for precise Hxtal application!

Unistrut Grid System - This is THE place for getting a ceiling grid to hang just about anything, for example the one in the MFA space is rated for 2000 pounds.  This link is specifically for the Unistrut dealer here in Ohio, put Unistrut into Google to select your region.