The cost of moving forward

So, it was bound to happen.  The shake up of a technology I have come to like for it's simplicity and ease of use.  What I am referring to is what will ultimately be the end of iWeb.  Since MobileMe is going away by July 2012, that means iWeb will also be going away as well.  Considering there haven't been any updates for the service in awhile, this is more than likely true.

Moving to a new type of layout and hosting can be a great opportunity to try some things out and polish existing content to further streamline what I want from my website.  Better galleries for images, current images for my MFA work, and still have all that in an easy to use, 1 click publishing format.  Finding a good host can be a bit more challenging, especially since there might be a boatload of people doing the exact same thing I'm going to do.  Jump the MobileMe ship before the expiration date in 2012.  Since cloud based services are on the rise, this move isn't too shocking just another thing to do in a long list of projects that need to be done.  But it isn't it always like that?