Finished experiments

So since the last post I was able to get some things finished, it was for the show that the class put on yesterday.  I found I was more productive than I initially felt, and I'm still trying to get 3 more items ready for the kiln tomorrow.  I also need finish everything up in the print shop as well.  Add to that trading all the photos we took as a class with each other, and formal documentation of our work happens on Monday as well.  This week is super busy with all the little things to get done before Walkthrough.  For Walkthrough, all the studios shut down and everyone takes a walk through the other studios, and this happens on Wednesday.  It's a chance to see what all the other classes have been up to as it's REALLY easy to get locked in to your projects and work area.  

This post will be a little shorter word wise, I'm writing this before the class field trip this morning.  We will be going to the Boathouse, Chihuly's hot shop, Traver and Vetri Galleries, and the Museum of Glass all before getting back to campus for a wedding that's happening at Pilchuck this session. 

Bottle molds - Fused glass, ~8" tall

Organics and glass - Fused spectrum glass and flour, 3"W x 3"D x 6"H

Intaglio print form a glass plate, ~10"W x 15"H

Embossing plate - Fused plate glass and micro-beads

Billet - Active kiln forming, ~7"W x 10"D x 5"H

All measurements are rough, I'm getting better numbers later today.

This was a great experience, and I'm so glad I did this and so thankful to have the opportunity.  Most of the work is actually cohesive, and with the work in the next few days I'll actually have a new body of work.  The biggest benefit of doing a class like this is the freedom to experiment and mess up.  The cost of screwing up has already been factored in, and in a way that pressure of "having to make work" goes away.  I had a lot of fun, but also learned a ton.  Not only from the demos but from the conversations with my teachers and fellow students.  New assignments are swimming through my head, but also new ideas for my work that started here but I definitely want to continue once I get back.

I want to do this again, and again, and again...

You get the idea.

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