Transparent technology

Transparent technology, where the concept is the most important element and the technology backs it up.  This  piece is called Fiberwave, by Mokoto Sei Wantanabe.  It is a sustainable, kinetic sculpture that runs off the wind and stored sunlight to glow.  Simple, readily available, technologies making art.  

The only thing this video really doesn't give you is scale.  There is another video showing the installation of a Fiberwave sculpture (I'll see if I can edit it into this post) and the poles are about 15 feet high, maybe 10 it's hard to say.  They are much taller than the people installing them.  With stronger gusts of wind the poles really bend and get a very surreal feeling to it.

Depending on where this was installed you could really take advantage of the wind in certain areas.  How fast would this move in Chicago?  What if the color was played around with?  The color of the lights as well?  What if it was on top of a building, or maybe on the exterior walls of a building?  I just want to play around with it, because it moves and looks so cool.  I'll take 2 please.

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