Glass has arrived

On Tuesday most of the plate glass for my project came in.  Today was the initial cold working.  There are a lot of small, 2 1/2" X 5", glass pieces that need to be beveled, and then glued to the larger 2' X 2' panels.  Then the 3/8" holes can be drilled after that.

I decided that working on batches of 10 would be best, there 144 of these small pieces to do total.  Just working on the 80 grit wheel, 10 small panes come in at just over an hour to bevel three sides, which will turn out to be about 15 hours.  This is just the roughing in of the bevels.  It's just like sanding wood, only with water to keep the temperature down, if the glass gets too hot from the friction it will crack.

The upside is only half of them need to be polished, the downside is half of them need to be polished.  The grit sizes I use are 80, 220, 400, 600, then cork and cerium, or just cerium, as you can see the polished panels need 4-5 more steps.  Time is not my friend on this project, between the cold working and the gluing I'll need to be spot on with time management and I still might miss/break something.  However if something does break, it's not the end of the world.  I ordered more than I needed just in case something unfortunate happened.

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