Progress crit

My crit went really well today, at least I thought so.  I felt a little scattered with how I presented some of the information, but felt it was a flowing encounter that moved at a good pace.  I feel that I was able to talk about my current project in technical and conceptual terms, and be able to answer any questions that my classmates might have.  There are a few things that made this possible... a working maquette, material tests, a slide show of process in the Sculpture Studio (my studio away from the MFA studios), and all the notes I have been taking up until now from this summer.  Basically, being prepared.  My classmates and instructor (Ric Petry) offered up good insights and are making me think things through, they are doing their jobs and I thank them for it.

As the project has evolved, the prime execution of it has stayed the same.  Cut, polished, drilled, and Hxtal-ed glass hung from a ceiling grid in a box form.  The main thing that is presenting itself as fluid are the details.  Gone are the eyes on the windows, and actually all the drawing on glass of this project has been scrapped for something more... open and  inviting to the viewer to make their own inference on the work.  I'm trying to let the material have it's own dialogue, or at least do most of the talking, and I'm just making a structure for it to talk from.  In a lot of ways this is like working with hot glass,  it's starting to feel that way anyway... I'm using tools to talk to the material, but ultimately it's the material doing the talking in the final piece.  

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  1. It sounds great in the last few sentences there! From all the visuals you spoke about including inside the box it seems like you are building a mind that is holding onto memories. And the objects inside will definitely tell a story. I like your poster/sign at the top as well!