The like minded

Returning back to school is great.  To be around like minded people, bouncing ideas off of one another, freaking out, and anything else I may have missed.  But what about after school?  College, graduate or undergrad, kind of spoils you in a way.  You are surrounded by people just like you, hungry to push themselves and each other to new heights.  When you are out of school, that all changes.  Paying off bills, especially tuition, takes center stage and all of a sudden you feel cut off from what you love to do.  It can be hard to keep that burning of new ideas in the front instead of the back burner.  

Caller 9, is a web based artist discussion forum.  Need to figure out how something works? Tips on how to take good photos of your work, or what exactly to put into a blog?  This could be the place for you.  The site is run by Bethany Haeseler, owner/operator of Clarity Glass and Caller 9.  There are only a few people using the site now, myself included, but as more people join and offer posts for discussion that database will grow into something great.  It at least has the potential to to keep the fires burning by keeping ideas in your head, or bounce them off of someone to try a new idea out before you decide to commit to it.  Feedback, is one of the most important things for an artist to have and it doesn't have to stop once you leave school.


  1. Hi Chris, Bethany's Caller 9 site is a great concept for all artists--when will the registration be open?

  2. As far as I know, and it has been awhile since I've been there, you should still be able to register and comment... I'll e-mail Beth in the next few days to find out and post here with any additional info.