Maquette Progress

As I wait for my materials to arrive I decided to make a maquette to see if there might be any problems with structure or details such as the drawings that might need extra thought(s).  This will also allow anyone whose talked to me about my project to get a better idea of what I'm thinking about, as opposed to seeing a xeroxed copy of the sketch stapled inside my sketchbook.  This gives me something to present to my peers for my progress crit as well, that will probably be next week.

So far this was yesterday's work with a few hours this morning.  I just need a few measurements, like the floor to Unistrut height, and I can start the final assembly of the whole thing.  The model should be finished this evening.

When I can't work on this I have other tests to run at school.  Drilling through glass that was Hxtal-ed together on Thursday, to see if the glue separates and if I can step up that window of opportunity without having to wait the full week Hxtal takes to cure.  Making a jig to glue the small reenforcement panels to the large panels, a rack to store the large panels as they are worked on, and a stand to rest the panels in the sand blaster are all things that need to be done as well.  I'm going to try and scavenge as much as I can from my house for these items to keep the cost down.  The project is already more expensive than I had initially thought is was going to be, and I refuse to cut corners on the materials directly involved for the final presentation.  The support materials, well they just need to hold it together for a few months.

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