Happy QR Code Fun Time

Ok, I have to admit it, the idea intrigues me.  That could be from the whole "What's it gonna be?!" scenario.  It has that same feel of the toy in the Cracker Jack box.  The whole notion of being able to physically embed something into my work that takes you someplace else is... for lack of a better word, magical.  We, as artists, all want to take our viewers somewhere and we can do that.  For this code in particular, and it seems dependant on the QR reader you have, it either jumps straight to the video (which is the desired effect) or takes you to the YouTube dashboard to play the movie.

Linking this code with a piece about the body and what resides within has a lot of potential.  Being able to visualize that, a heart monitor, ambient sounds, something completely grotesque... gets me to think about what I see in the people around me, and ultimately in myself.


  1. The chakra idea you discussed before class is interesting. Especially if you are able to subdue the stark nature of a QR code into something the viewer discovers after they have engaged the piece. Think also about the "hosting" of the on-line content... how do you control the browser so that something unrelated doesn't pop-up (advert).
    Not sure about the sound but if you just need a visual event (because there would be an ambient sound track playing in the space) an animated GIF would be your best friend. Super fast uploads to phones... no waiting!

  2. The hosting thing is little depressing, I tried to set it up to go to my website but that seemed nigh impossible to do. Just to get this to work took a couple hours. I even had to take a picture of the code to upload here, somehow I broke the link... it wasn't working this morning.

    I'll see what I can dig up on animated GIFs, a side project so to speak.