A side project...

It was bound to happen at some point.  There was going to be something that sparked my interest that has nothing to do with my current project.  This has everything to do with having a great assistant during my Friday afternoon studio time.  What I'm referring to are these...

These are approximately 16 inches across the widest point and are the beginning of other art thoughts.

Or actually, more importantly, it's just this one below... now see if you can imagine another one like it, slightly longer and more pointed, with a faceted bubble nestled inside the two halves.  There would be a space in between the two halves from 3 to 5 inches to view the bubble on the inside.

I started to mess around with these shapes last semester, and by messing around I mean I got one off the pipe to look at and start cold working.  This could be the start of something really beautiful or a down right failure.  Time will tell, but I will work on this as a side project when I feel I have time to work on them.  Each one takes about an hour to make in the hot shop and the cold working I'm thinking of will take it beyond 10-15 hours per half.  Thats not including metal work for the stand or electronics for the lighting.

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