Ordering can be ridiculous

When it comes to ordering for projects, I never thought that it would turn me into a research-o-holic.  Trying to find the best deal for what I need in a timely fashion has lead to some interesting buys.  For example on this project alone...

7000 crimp tubes @ ~$20
900 eyelets @ ~$35
4 ft. X 25 ft. aluminium screen(2) @ ~$45
assorted jewelry supplies @ ~$30
4 more spools of monofilament @ ~$65

This isn't counting the electronics stuff yet, that will probably run at least $150 for materials and a few books.  A good chunk of change, but after last semester this almost feels cheap.

My friend Beth was right, the wallet doesn't shut for grad school... but I have learned that doesn't mean I should be financially broken as a result.  The research costs time but saves money, and in the long run that will help finance other projects and that's a good thing.

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