Shock and awe... an exercise in Inspiration

There are several things that I find inspiring.  One of the most inspiring films I have ever seen has to be The Fountain.  I was lucky enough to see this with my wife in the theater when it came out, and to this day has to be one of the films I continually recommend.

The imagery is great and the story is good, a little predictable, but the whole package is something wonderful.  This movie is very visceral, and it can leave you emotionally drained afterwards.  The sum is more than it's parts really applies to this film.  I can't recommend this film enough.

One, recent, find is the short film Glas by director Bert Haanstra from 1958.  This is a great example of production glassblowing, by hand and by machine.  It is a short film, it's only about 10 minutes long, but gives people an idea of how a lot of glass items were made back in the day.  My favorite scene is the one below in the thumbnail, that gentleman is blowing glass in a suit.  He. Is. My. New. Hero.

Then while not exactly inspirational, I did find this a cool and satirical look at glassblowing from someone outside the industry.

Finally, something especially for Charlotte...

Personally I like all the versions of this game, but I am a little partial to the heavy metal one.  If you have ClickForFlash installed it will take a little longer for it to load, but it is fun.

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